About Part Conditions

Here at The Rice Paddy, we know that it's hard to buy used parts online.  The condition of the part can affect how much work you need to do before you can put it on your bike, or if the part is even usable.  We try to identify every part with a condition on this scale.  Also, we'll put any additional details in the description section.  If you are looking at a part and need more information about the description, call us Toll Free at 877-460-1404 or send us an email.


Part Conditions
Code Name Definition
0 Unknown This part has not had a condition assigned to it.  It may be an existing product that we have not updated recently, or it's a new product that has not been fully described yet.  Check the description, and if you still have a question give us a call or send an email and we'll get back to you!
50 Other This part has a complex condition that belies definition.  Check for more details in the description.  Still have a question?  Contact us!
100 Used This part is used, but does not have more detail or has a complex condition.  Please check the description for more information.
110 Used - Needs Repair This part is used and is in need of repair.  It may have parts that need to be replaced to make it functional, or it may be an assembly with damage that makes it unusable, but has good parts.  Check the description carefully for more detail.
120 Used - Needs Rebuilt This part assembly is used and needs some work to be ready for installation.  There is no critical damage, but you may need to replace pieces such as seals, gaskets, boots, retainers, and crimped connections.  Items that commonly experience wear, such as break caliper pistons, may need replacement.  We will provide as much detail as we can, but it should be assumed that these parts are not ready to ride.
130 Used - Worn, Looks Functional This part is used and has some visible wear, but it still looks functional and ready to install on a motorcycle.  The part has not been tested but moving components are free and there is no functional damage or heavy corrosion or deterioration.  Paint may be scratched or marked.  We can't guarantee that the part is ready to go, but with some basic checks you should be able to install and ride.
140 Used - Untested, Looks Great This part is used and has not been tested, but it is in great physical condition.  There is no crash damage evident and only minor paint or chrome damage.  While we can't guarantee an untested part, this part looks ready or nearly ready to install.
150 Used - Tested Good This part is used, and has been tested to be a functinal part.  It may have been bench tested after removal from a unit, tested prior to removal, or installed on a a testing motorcycle to be checked.  We'll include detail about what testing was done in the description.  In general we don't guarantee used parts, but you should feel confident that these parts are ready to install on your bike and ride.
200 Rebuilt This part has been rebuilt, but the details are complex or we haven't added them yet. Check the description and contact us if you have any questions!
210 Rebuilt at the Rice Paddy We've rebuilt this assembly in-shop.  Seals, gaskets, and boots have been checked and replaced where needed.  The part was bench tested and where possible checked on a test motorcycle to ensure it performs within specifications.  Check the description for more detail.
220 Rebuilt - Third Party This asssembly has been rebuilt off-site by a third party.  We have agreements with several professional and private rebuilders to remanufacture or rebuild parts to usable condition.  These components are generally in excellent or like-new condition and have been thoroughly gone through to ensure they will work well on your motorcycle.
230 Rebuilt - Manufacturer This assembly has been rebuilt by the manufacturer.  Generally this only applies to aftermarket parts.  The component may be treated as "like-new".
300 New Old Stock New Old Stock (NOS) parts have never been installed on a motorcycle, but they have been in storage for an extended period.  NOS Parts can be OEM or aftermarket, and are often components that are discontinued and no longer available from the manufacturer.
310 NOS - Shelf Wear /
Dealer Take-off
This is a New Old Stock part that has some wear marks or other small damage.  It may have received small dings or marks while it was on the shelf, or it may have been a part that was originally installed on a motorcycle and was removed after receiving minor damage at the dealer.  Check the description for more details on condition.
320 NOS - Good Condition This New Old Stock part should be in usable condition but it has some damage or deterioration.  Components made of rubber or containing rubber may have hardening or cracking.  Chrome and paintwork may have marks and need polishing or buffing.  It is critical that you check the description and photographs so you know what you're getting.  Contact us with any questions before buying!
330 NOS - Great Condition This part may have some dust or very small scratches or marks but has no other problems.  It should be ready to install on the motorcycle, and in most cases will include the original part packaging.
340 NOS - Excellent Condition This part looks like it just came in from the manufacturer.  There may be a little dust on it but no scratches in paint or chrome and no rubber deterioration.  The packaging is usually included, complete, and looks good. These parts are hard to find!
400 New This is a new part.
410 New - No Packaging This is a brand new part, but somehow the packaging was mislaid along the way.  We'll pack and ship it securely, though!
420 New with Packaging This is a brand new part, in-package.


Last Modified: 12/08/2012